Stanley has been a machine operator at D&N Machining since January of 2013.

Before coming to D&N, Stanley worked 18 years at Whirlpool in Fort Smith.  How did he get into machining? His severance package from Whirlpool included tuition to attend a CNC machining school. 

At D&N Stanley began working on our NL3000 and SL40 lathes. “When I was asked what I wanted to do, I decided to work hard and get moved to the largest most complex machine at D&N Machining.” Stanley now operates our Okuma YB120, a 5-axis vertical mill / lathe.

When asked bout what advice Stanley would give to new hires: “Show initiative. Ask to learn other machines and always volunteer to help others.” 

This initiative has served Stanley well at D&N. He is now responsible for some of the largest and most complex parts that we produce. The YB120 is capable of machining parts with a maximum diameter of 47″ and maximum length of 37.5″. 

In his downtime Stanley enjoys deer hunting and fishing in bass tournaments.